Death Records

The term 'death records' generally applies to the registry of deaths maintained by the city, county, or state.
However, deaths may be recorded in dozens of locations. Some give precise dates while others provide us with a
'dead by' date. In other words, we may not know the exact date of death, but we know someone was 'dead by'
the date their will was probated, when their 'heirs' are listed in a document, or when a woman is addressed
as a 'widow'. These not-quite-perfect sources at least give us a reference point to work from.

Deaths Gleaned from Delaware County Paupers Records 1851-1879
Deaths Gleaned from Delaware County Letters of Administration 1846-1852
Deaths Gleaned from Delaware County Tax Records 1834-1844
InGenWeb Death Records for Delaware County
Obituaries, Death Notices, In Memoriams