Sometimes death records are lost, misfiled, destroyed, etc. Tombstones fall to weather, vandalism, or were never placed. There may be no way to confirm the precise death date of an individual. The best a researcher can do in those cases may be a 'dead by' date. Paper trails are often created following a death that give you an approximate 'dead by' date since the document exists only because of that death. Tax records where the liable party is listed as 'heirs of' an individual, legal notices for estate settlements, or passing mentions in sources relating to another family member are examples. Below in another source. In the 1800s and early 1900s when modern nursing homes were not yet in use, the feeble and aged were boarded with families in the community. Township trustees provided funding for necessary supplies for the indigent. Occasionally these records reveal a 'dead by' date. The entries here were gleaned from images found on Family Search for free. This is a digitized collection records of payouts made for the care of specific individuals as well as provisions and maintenance of the county poor itself. These pages, in excess of 1500, are not in chronological order and are not indexed. Those involving specific people are digitized first followed by the general accounts of the farm itself. Some individuals appear on multiple images as their care was over a period of time. This list is ONLY those items that refer to deaths.

BatesClem 4241916Submitted 5/22/1916care and board thru final illness, lost bed clothe, fumigation of house506
BlackfordEthel4181918Submitted 6/30/1918casket & dress, family of Frank A50
BruceInfant of Melvin9 1914Submitted 1/4/1915last entry for baby 9/8/1914147
BurtonSarah Jane3161914 pneumonia, heart, died 1:30 pm, county infirmary128
ChamnessInfant of Amy5111915  104
CliftonJames  1914Submitted 2/10/1914poor farm157
CliftonSusan12 1914Submitted 1/4/1915last visit 12/6/1914143
FrazeChild of S E & O O711918Period ending 6/30/1918casket & dress47
GirtonChild   Submitted 6/30/1918aid for Mrs Girton, note mentioning death of husband and two children in past year39
GirtonChild   Submitted 6/30/1918aid for Mrs Girton, note mentioning death of husband and two children in past year39
GirtonHarley   Submitted 6/30/1918aid for Mrs Girton, note mentioning death of husband and two children in past year. Household females 32y, 4y, males 12y 7y39
GreeneWilliam1271912Submitted 12/24/1912 380
HarshmanMrs  1911Submitted 9/25/1911 326
HodsonRebecca3141914 congestive stage pneumonia, died 11:50 am, county infirmary127
KinnearDavid3301913 bronchitis, senility, county infirmary, 3:30 PM129
MichaelBaby of George9 1914Period of 9/1916casket, rough box, service, clothing119
Mondaly/MandaliaJoe3261914 tuberculosis, died 12:45-1:00 pm, county infirmary129
MooreInfant of Everett & Martha2111918Submitted 6/29/1918stillborn7
PriceMartha3161914 bronchitis, senility, died 3:30 am, county infirmary128
PughMorris   Submitted 1/15/1915casket, poor farm153
RhodehamelChild of Charles6151912 burial134
WilliamsJames1071914 casket, rough box, hearse, service, embalming, suit, underwear, stocking, shirt, collar, necktie113
WoodsLizzie3111914 pneumonia, died at 3:30 pm, county infirmary127